Saturday, 30 March 2013

Any day now

I want to say I love all hats but that would be a lie. This is not saying that I wont attempt to make or learn any hat but naturally like most people I dislike something I view it as the fall of my craft

for me this is cowboy hats

*yes I own one
*yes I understand why  people own them
*do I want to make one ....... do I want to throw myself from a bridge

perhaps this is extreme in my home town cowboy hats are a real thing and if you are good at them they will make you real money .....I would rather be poor

a cowboy hat is a marvel like any other work they come in all flavor and shapes; some shapes are better for people than others.....of course. I stand firmly on the ground that this venture is for someone else to be fantastic at and for me to watch.

but stranger things have happened I lived to see an action star become a governor. am I willing to say my mind might change on the great "hat of cow"

I think it is directly liked to the flying pig population
which based on my pay cheque is on the rise

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