Wednesday, 27 March 2013

For the love of hats

  welcome to of of of cold winters.... land were art go's to die

   I am not saying art dose not exist; but this is the last stop if it happens in Europe we will be waiting 4 years to see it... along with that luxury we will no be receiving the ralph Lauren version Europe once boosted... we will be viewing the sears order by catalog only in all its pastel, surplus, and one size glory .

   Being a fresh hat maker, having worked on and off out of my home and not yet completed more than 6 start to finished hats. it was not a life calling but something that came to me later and i have no complaints. it is not a career taken lightly like all art forms you wont be rich unless luck strikes you.

   I want to make different hats not stage different but something you would be proud to match to an outfit I don't think hats should be expensive unless it has 10 years in it

A lack of Canadian hat makers has created three problems-

#1 everyone thinks if you want a hat you need to "pay me for my time and I don't come cheap".
#2 if you want a hat to be comfortable you need to give me a months salary.
#3 this is Canada hats are for function only and anyone who thinks different makes so much money they can afford to be eccentric .

I intend to keep you up to date on my escapades and show you the rise and fall of all my hat ventures.

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